Saturday, June 6, 2015

Episode 1: The Haters vs Mad Max Fury Road

Notes and time stamps (approximates):

0-13:05 Pre-game Chatter
-0:53 moped adds fury to our road

13:34-36:58 Gut Reactions
-in which Ben is too far away from the recording device.
-13:49 Toona.
-20:52 Yo dude, I killed your dad.
-21:52 the first time Ben calls a hollywood movie "totally Leninist"

37:09-1:13:51 In-depth Analysis:
- 38:39 Is this really feminist?
- 48:35 Is this really eco?
- 52:15 Let's talk about Whiteness
- 54:43 What's this about redemption?
- 59:18 Hollywood Economics 101
- 1:02:03 Haters gets meta
- 1:05:17 Imagination in the post-fordist economy

1:13:51 The Ratings!

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