Friday, October 23, 2015

Episode 8- The Haters v Green Inferno

Welcome to episode 8, in which we indulge in at least ten ad hominem attacks on Eli Roth, because he deserves it. Green Inferno is a terrible, pointless bullshit movie and Eli Roth is a dickhead fratboy. No surprises there, I guess.

The interesting thing is this jerk thought he could put forward a meaningful critique of "social justice warriors". That should be a relatively easy task, but Roth clearly was not up to it.

0:00-3:27 Trailer Impressions-1:49 Ben, ready to give the White frat boy the benefit of the doubt. Like a bro.

3:36-35:25 Groans and Insults
-3:57 this film wins the unfortunately highly sought-after award for Haters' most offensive piece of shit yet.
-4:21 First ad hominem attack
-4:47 Article here:
-5:22 The Roth interview didn't actually say the name of the tribe and we couldn't find it. They spoke Quechua, but that's a language, not a tribe.
-5:57 Second ad hominem
-6:22 Third ad hominem

-6:36 colonialism
-8:05 Fourth ad hominem
-8:10 Ready to excavate the layers of colonialism explored in this film, and what Eli Roth seems to think about them?
-8:32 Layer 1: resource extraction and genocide. Eli Roth is at least opposed to this.
-8:47 Layer 2: Anthropological colonialism. At first it seemed like maybe Roth was going to satirize this, but he got too caught up in exploiting it.
-11:48 Firehawk, glad her bosses doesn't listen to this or know her pseudonym.
-12:35 Layer 3: racialized othering and terror. Eli Roth loves this shit.
-14:22 Ben is sooo confused about the film's theme's intentions and critique, Firehawk explains: inane hipster apathy.
-15:08 Eli Roth's political and social framework: "yeah right, try doing anything for this world, you'll just be eaten by brown cannibals in the amazon".
-15:23 Fifth ad hominem
-15:34 Layer 5: film-making as colonialism. Eli Roth proud of it. Like a bro.
-17:34 Sixth ad hominem
-17:52 the thing about exploitation cinema...
-21:41 Seventh ad hominem
-22:23 The penis shot which made Ben like this movie for a minute.
-23:08 we gonna talk about genitals for a while
-25:11 "any horror movie in which women's bodies are mutilated is also teasing male viewers with the violation of female flesh"
-25:50 fratboy humor
-27:24 I feel like we coulda talked more about the bullshit race-traitor little boy, but whatever
-28:41 lets humanize cannibalism for a second
-29:42 Ben showing off his film-history repertoire again
-32:36 Ben at a total loss for words
-33:03 Ninth ad hominem
-34:27 Tenth ad hominem

35:40-36:07 Twenty Seven Seconds of Ratings
-36:00 Just enough time for an eleventh ad hominem.

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