Sunday, September 13, 2015

Episode 3- The Haters vs The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

0-9:22 Pre-Game Chatter
-0:41 Firehawk security culture fail
-1:13 Firehawk sexually frustrated?
-2:28 Ben hoping for homo-eroticism (disappointed)
-4:27 Ben tries to conceal his appreciation for Snatch
-5:48 List o hates
-6:57 mourning the appropriation of Nina Simone
-7:43 "You think you're going to be satisfied as a well rounded anarchist after seeing this film?"

9:22-43:36 Spoiler time!-11:15 Ben nostalgic for a time when he was able to enjoy movies
-14:22 We put on our hyper-critical never completely satisfied or happy anarchist hats.
-14:58 plot of the movie
-15:32 dicks referred to
-16:12 dicks referred to x2
-16:13 dicks referred to x3
-17:05 mourning Dr Strangelove
-17:41 dicks referred to x4
-18:17 dicks referred to x5
-19:17 mourning geopolitics
-20:10 mourning latent homosexuality
-21:11 geopolitics found!
-23:29 dicks referred to x6
-24:01 Ben hates the "civilized" British
-25:45 mourning deviant sexuality
-27:30 Ben's 007 comparison theory
-30:13 Firehawk defends the honor of antifa
-35:56 sexism
-39:52 dudes who think that dudes getting laid is comedy gold
-41:06 popular?
-41:51 remind me to check the Pueblo CO craigslist missed connections

43:46-59:31 Ratings!
-48:50 project runway watchers anonymous
-51:45 Is now really the best time for Hollywood to be valorizing a gay bashing Russian character?

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