Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Episode 2- The Haters vs We Are Still Here

Episode TimeStamp Map-

0-8.35 Pre-game chatter
-0:50 we travel through time from crappy recorded cell phone conversation intro to walking down 13th ave three months ago, using technology magic!
-1.21 Firehawk's completely wrong plot prediction
-1:41 Ben's completely wrong plot prediction
-2:32 Start talkin about themes
-3:12 beauty standards?
-4:06 a genre dispute
-6:25 Bechtel test? (passed)
-8:03 whiteness?
-8:25 cop death
-8:35 Ben's completely right plot prediction

9:02-34:46 Exuberant Theorizing
-9:50 Ben offers to dispense with summarizing the film
-10:12 Firehawk proceeds to summarize the film all the way home
-14:20 summary ends as we enter the house
-14:26 death of the token Black guy
-14:57 Toona!
-15:48 Firehawk breaks down the class struggle metaphor for us
-17:22 "there's this one patriarch"
-21:50 "so, it's just like the Russian revolution"
-25:46 "this movie is actually about hope... and love"
-26:58 The Haters revolutionary strategy revealed
-27:52 alternative interpretation, doesn't hold water.
-29:48 Ben queasy about the strategy, expresses hesitation
-31:31 talkin' 'bout tokenizing
-32:48 realization that the symbolic language of the movie does support Firehawk's wild theory!
-34:41 It is about love, "we love the idea of befriending the ruling class and then murdering them in a basement"

Ratings? We don't need no stinkin' ratings!

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