Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Episode 5- The Haters vs Inside Out

In which a different cast of haters drop more references to beloved children's movies than obscure philosophers, but only barely. Also, gender and scientific reductionism compete for what enrages us most, and people get deep about their feelings.

0:55-12:44 After the trailer
-1:33 gender, first outta the gate!
-2:22 Silas, awkward and disgusting, on my lap, writhing and snuffling like a pig in mud.
-3:37 scientific reductionism enters the fray!
-3:50 gender!
-5:04 Foucault name dropped.
-5:57 gender, pulling ahead!
-7:54 gender, with a commanding lead!
-9:24 scientific reductionism!
-10:08 Gus and Alice debunk tongue phrenology, complete with oral sex innuendo.
-11:03 Umami, the eight emotion.
-12:21 sounds like Gus and Alice need to devote their own episode to that sick Jennifer Lopez thriller.

13:04-34:22 After the Film
-13:13 Joey emphatically invisible
-14:12 Joey sneaks in a one-liner!
-13:58 guess who plays devil's advocate?
-14:39 Alice's first wish for Ben's demise
-15:29 token character of color identified
-15:46 scientific reductionism, coming from behind!
-16:16 Ben assents to ruining everyone's listening experience for the next four minutes.
-16:49 What Gus said: "I guess the message wasn't that bad... it wasn't terrible... don't bundle up your shit, cry about it sometimes." 
-17:12 Joey, with a second one-liner!
-17:46 Bay Area Real Estate enters the race!
-18:04 What Alice said: "She's a little blue-eyed girl who was born with highlights, so she doesn't know pain."
-19:19 sick Roger Rabbit reference, Gus.
-19:48 what the fuck was that pixar dude doing at the beginning of this movie?
-19:59 gender!
-20:56 social programming!
-21:15 what Alice said: "it would be great to explore emotions, but we're exploring the emotions of a young white girl who was had everything handed to her. I mean, not to be ugly about it, but I don't give a shit.
-21:38 scientific reductionism gaining on gender!
-22:41 sick Steven Universe reference, Gus
-23:09 sick Labrynth reference, Joey
-23:32 VERIFIED: There was not a dry eye in the theatre at the giant meta-catharsis emotional climax of this film. We know it, because our eyes were the only ones there. Also: Hollywood has developed mechanisms for yanking our heartstrings so irresistible that even these bitter anarchists who DESPISE the computer figments on the screen are effected. When do we get to call this shit mind control?
-24:11 class struggle epiphany: "so... bourgeois human beings have five emotional states, but the working class people only get one."
-24:46 chomping at the bit to talk about gender
-25:36 Gus gets real deep about her feelings.
-26:20 pixar fails to understand basic psychology
-28:43 why Ben hates this movie, distilled.
-30:04 stated "this movie does exactly what every advertisement ever does: it tells you that you should be happy and you would be happier if you bought our product."
-30:27 gender pulls into commanding lead
-32:49 sick Little Miss Sunshine reference, Gus.

34:29-39:10 The Ratings!
-34:32 does this film have good intentions?
-34:44 sick Triumph of Will reference, Ben?
-35:27 is the film unintentionally radical?
-35:44 gender putting the nail in the coffin
-36:03 is there enough cop death in this film?
-37:10 does this film address identities well?
-37:38 does this film advance capitalist aesthetic practice?

39:21- The Morning After Talk
-39:36 Ben gets real deep about his feelings
-40:18 scientific reductionism's last desperate gasp
-40:39 Virno name dropped
-43:44 way to plug your own self, white man.

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